Muve Orthopedics

Muve® is a surgical care program available to patients undergoing orthopedic surgery at UH Amherst Beaver Creek Surgery Center. The program combines specialized support and care navigation to help guide patients on their surgical journey while enhancing experiences and outcomes.

Better Care by Design

Top-Tier Surgeons & Care Teams
Your surgeon and care team are experts in their field and perform hundreds of procedures a year. Every member of your team is committed to providing the best care from start to finish.

Safety-Driven Protocols
Evidence-based practices inform each and every clinical decision that we make when it comes to your surgery. Every step of our protocol-driven model is designed around your safety and comfort.

Holistic Approach
We are with you every step of the way. Your personalized treatment plan will include comprehensive pre- and post-operative education, advanced surgical techniques, pain management, and therapy regimens.

Ongoing Support
Your Nurse Navigator will partner with you after surgery to ensure a safe and confident journey back to the activities you love.

Ask your surgeon if Muve is right for you.

Muve Nurse Navigator
As a patient in the Muve program, you'll find that our nurse navigators play a unique and invaluable role in your care experience.

Nurse navigators are registered nurses who provide an advanced level of support and individualized care to patients and their families.

Your navigator is specially trained to support you as an advocate, educator, and go-to resource throughout your treatment and recovery journey. Your navigator will document details about your care plan, coordinate directly with your surgeon and care team, track your progress, and monitor your outcomes to ensure you receive the best possible care.